Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Level 3 for the mappers exe that I'm working on is going well, the level is about 70% done. I still can't believe how easily I'm making these levels when I've had so much problem lately making levels for EFCH. Hopefully it stays with me after i've finished all the levels for this so I can get a few made for EFCH, otherwise this mod is going to take me forever. I want to finish it as I already have 4 other mods that I'm really interested in working on.

1 is a reworking of my first mod Hitlerworld, because the levels are really, really bad! I made it in 6 days to see if I could but I always new I could do much better given more time. It's kinda like it's my Star Wars, I now have the capabilities to go back and fix things I wasn't able to do at the time. It's probably only going to be 12 levels, but expanded with 4 keys and a few other features. The same zombie gurads that I made will be used along with some other new ones I've made since. I plan to redo this after I get the mappers exe done and EFCH released (Still both scheduled to be released by Christmas) Hopefully this should be out sometime before I start school back in March 2007. WOW, that'd make 3 mods released within a 2 month period!

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