Saturday, September 23, 2006


Haven't had a chance to do any further mapping this week at all for a number of factors.
1. Been busy packing to move house on Thursday
2. Been really busy at work because a lot of the morons are slack arse selfish idiots who don't care about anyone else and won't turn up to work.
3. Been playing False spear every spare moment I have - This game is so addictive.

I am stuck at work for 14 1/2 hours today so i'll definately get some of the secret level started. I do know what type of level I'm going to map and also what wall textures I'm going to use so it's just a matter of geting it down in the editor. I'll update tomorrow or Monday with how it's going and of course a screenshot once it's been completed.

I'm moving on Thursday and Friday so i'd say there will only be one more post before I move and then probably not any for maybe a week. Now the fun bit;

The False spear by WLHack. Well, this TC has seriously got me hooked with It's its fantastic and really challenging game play. In most TC's I've played with textured ceilings and floors, They have made the maps look really small and tight, even in big open areas, but WLHack has cleverly made the tight spaces one of the main themes of the game, and to spectacular effect. The shading is atmospheric and you always have the feeling that you don't know what will be waiting around the next corner for you. Nothing is predicted or expected in the gameplay and the way the maps differ from level to level makes the game alot of fun testing and finding everything. I'm currently up to level 11 and have only found 1 secret level so far, so starting to think I may have missed one, but will be searching hard to find everything in upcoming levels.
I can't recommend highly enough that everyone has a go at this TC. This is a great adventure and I can't wait to play WLHack's new mod that I hear he is working on. Wonder if he needs a beta-tester yet?

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