Saturday, November 11, 2006

Latest mods news

Sorry that I haven't posted for a week but I have been really busy coding for my 'Cathedral' mod. The coding is going incredibly well and so far the following has been implemented into the game;
- Consecutive levels
- 4 keys with locked doors
- Textured floors and ceilings
- Map name on get psyched screen
- On screen text
- Intermission screens
- Extra health item
- Extra treasure item
- Extra door
- Exploding barrels
- And a whole lot more little stuff

Still to go
- Directional sprites
- Starry sky
- Shading
- Breakable columns

I've put a lot of the sprites as well as wall, floor & ceiling texturss in and the mod's looking pretty damn good. I'll release some screenshots at some stage after all the coding is completed.

Mappers EXE - I will be working on finishing off the couple of levels I still owe for the mappers exe as well over the next couple of weeks so that I can concentrate on mapping for EFCH and cathedral.

Escape from Castle Holle - Recently all I've been able to do is to finish off one half done level. I still have 14 levels to map, made up of the following types;
4x Secret levels
2x Boss levels
7x Normal levels

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