Monday, July 23, 2007

Nearly there!

I know it's been a long time since I updated, I have received a big promotion at work and have a lot more to deal with, not to mention the 25 people under me! So many more meetings and things to deal with, but I got a nice payrise and a new laptop, so that's pretty sweet.

Escape from Caslte Holle is nearly completed. I have completed 28 levels out of 31 and sent them off to be Beta tested. I can't wait to see what people think of this, I hope at least in some way all the hard work I have put in gets some level of appreciation. As much as I've made this for the love of the process on my part it's also been to give something back to all the people who's mod's I've enjoyed playing over the years.

Everything else in the mod is completed 100% except for the par times.
The remaining 3 levels are done to some degree they just need to be finished off and tested and then the mod will be out, depending on how quickly the testing goes (And there's no rush on that) then the mod should be out by the end of August, possibly earlier.

I keep planning to make a map for one of the Monthly competitions at DHW but every time I start to map at the moment I just keep coming up with ideas to go into my own mod. So until EFCH is finished, as much as I'd love to, I won't be particiapting in the 'map of the month' competiton. June's maps were fantastic to play through, some real diversity in the maps. I only voted once for 1 map, I think it's the fairest way.

I've been playing through 'Femstein' lately, not for the nudity but for the game play and the graphics. This is a really great mod and the nudity just becomes blase after a while, there are some things in it to give you a good laugh as well. The mapping is exciting and challenging and the quality of the graphics never ceases to amaze me, I highly recommend everyone having another look at, if you can see your way past the nudity (Or see it as a humorous thing) then you will find a really great mod that is well worth playing. Doomjedi is an incredibly talented artist, i'd love to work on a mod with his spectacular graphics included at some stage.

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