Monday, November 01, 2010

November 1st Update

I have spent the last week working out more Par times for SonderKommando: Revolt, I'm about half way done now. I wish they were quicker but each level takes multiple run throughs to get the times that I need. It's fairly boring work sometimes, I mean I know the levels so well and played through them so many times now but I have also found some minor things that I've been able to fix or improve, so it hasn't all been in vain. It will all be worth it in the end when these are implemented and everyone is playing the TC and enjoying it (hopefully).

I've also mapped a 3/4 of Episode 5, Level 5 for the DHW SDL Mapset that myself and few others from the Die Hard Wolfers forum have been working on. I'm quite happy with this level so far, it has some nice traps, flows really smoothly and is quite challenging. I've already made Level 1 but am not really happy with it, it's quite simple and isn't going to be up to standard in it's current format, so severe re-editing is going to be required before it's release worthy. The mapset is scheduled for an end of year release and will contain maps from myself, AReyeP, Thomas, Ack, Serpens and RonWolf.

The Mod I've been (slowly) playing through is WSJ's Totenkopf SDL. I'd played through the original Dos version many years ago but this is much, much better. It's quite hard, especially on the hardest difficulty but has some amazing things in it and is a perfect example of what can be done with the SDL engine and why Dos is all but dead. WSJ has always made awesome games of which I've loved over the years and this is no exception.

Rumor has it that WSJ is giving some of his other mods the 'SDL makeover' like Totenkopf, something a lot of people will be eagerly looking forward to.

Until next week to everyone that is reading, all 0 of you! :)

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