Sunday, December 12, 2010

SonderKommand Revolt Controversy

Hi Everyone, I need to address something today so please indulge me this once and then we can get back to doing reviews, more Wolfer Q & A's and discussing an 18 year old mod that we make for free and for fun.

Since the release of the SomderKommando revolt trailer things have gotten a little crazy. A modding website found the trailer on YouTube and put it on their site calling it 'The Concentration Camp mod'. Now, while this is where the mod takes place it is not just 'An evil revenge mod' as the website has described it as. The website in question, who I will not glorify here in any way, wrote this based solely on what they saw in the trailer, they have not played the game or asked any of the creative team 'What is the mod actually about?'. This type of reporting makes things highly speculative and inaccurate.

There are a lot of people in this World that like disharmony and turning anything they can into a controversy for their own enjoyment. For some reason some people get delight and entertainment out of this. I know that most people in the Wolfenstein 3d Community are not like this and understand what our intentions were when we made this mod. Yes, we understand that there might be some issues as this takes place in a concentration camp but this is a free, fictional game based very loosely on something horrible that happened 65 years ago.

In no way when we made this did we have in our minds any agenda of revenge, any intention to upset people of any race, or say that we support any of the horrific things that occurred. We had no intention to cause any problems for ourselves, the Community or anyone that had relatives, friends or were involved in any way.

Original Wolfenstein 3d was a fantasy adventure game that had Nazi's as the main enemies, the only thing different in SonderKommando is the location, the nazi's are still the bad guys, just like in the original. Our mod is not based on any real person or people, yes the SonderKommando movement existed but so did the Nazi party that Wolfenstein is based on.

I can not speak for the other members of the Team Raycast team that worked on the mod but all I can say is that when I joined the modding team, I purposefully cleared up with everyone that we had no malice or intention of harm towards anyone while working on the mod. We just wanted to make a game with amazing graphics, special features and a challenging Wolfenstein 3d adventure for free because we enjoy making games for people to play, it really is as simple as that.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. It IS disappointing, but such matters can't be helped.

    I can only hope everything works out for you guys.