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Wolfer Q&A: Richter Belmont

Name: Joseph Torres
Location: New Jersey, USA
Nickname: Richter Belmont (Sapphire Moon Inc. Anime/Games)

Q. Where did your nickname come from and why did you choose it?
A. Well, Richter Belmont came from one of my favorite 'Belmonts' in the Castlevania Saga. I’ve grow up as a fan of Richter so I’ve picked it because I love Castlevania, a lot!

Q. You used to be known under the nickname of Kyo Kusanagi, where did this come from it and why did you change to the name you use now?
Kyo Kusanagi is a fighter in the video game called 'King of Fighters' (or KOF for short). At that time I was a fan of KOF and still am. Why did I change it? I just got bored with it.

Q. When did you first play Wolfenstein 3d?
A. I was around 5 when I started playing Wolf 3d. The funny thing is that as a kid I got very scared of the Hitler ghost and never played it again.

Q. How did you come to be part of the Wolfenstein 3d Community?
A. Well I’d first discovered Brian’s site when I was 10 and played some mods that were out at the time. I’ve grown to love Wolf so at 12 I joined the Diehard Wolfers forum and took it from there, being there made me feel at home. Diehard Wolfers is like another family to me.

Q. What is the best part about being involved in the Wolfenstein 3d Community?
A. To make mods as a hobby of mine and to help people any way I can.

Q. You've released a number of mods over your time in the Wolf 3d Community, how has your mod making developed over this time?
A. Well practice makes perfect, that’s what I always say. I was 12 when I first made mods so I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. People tell me all the time to credit people and stuff I shouldn’t do. I’ve learned from my mistakes and feel that I am making great mods today.

Q. In your earlier mods you admit to borrowing a lot of artwork and levels from other people's work, what led you to make mods this way?
A. I have a Learning Disability, Aspergers Syndrome. I can learn some things and others I can’t. I’m not an artist at all, in fact I failed art classes as a kid and also now. I can’t draw my own things in life.
As for maps, well back then I didn’t know what I was thinking, although I thought maybe people wouldn’t know, but I was wrong. I couldn’t map at all until Project: X came out, I’ve made 4 or 5 maps now. Anyways, the point is that I let my Disability take over when I shouldn’t have.

Q. When you look back, how do you feel now about the decision to make mods this way?
A. Looking back at the earlier mods I find myself pretty mad and not happy that my earlier mods suck, up until Spear of Dreams and onwards, I feel those range from Good to Excellent. As time passes I’ve learned to be proud of my mods and learn from my mistakes.

Q. Why did you start the Lost World series at Part 3 and then go back to part 1 later on?
A. Ooh, The Star Wars trick! It's the same reason why Episode 4 of Star Wars was out. I thought that Part 3 was a great story that I did so I made that first. A lot of people have asked me that as they've been confused, but I tell them all it's thanks to Star Wars and how it was released.

Q. Your recent mods have moved away from Wolfenstein 3d borrowing ideas and game styles from Doom, Blood, Heretic, Hexen and some others games, why do you still use the Wolf 3d engine as the base of your mods?
A. Well I’m in a phase where I’m slowly getting away from Wolfenstein 3d modding and into Doom modding, in which I'm having trouble learning to do so. I haven’t found any good people to help me with my ideas, like a Sequel to Super Sonic Doom and a remake of Project: X. But in time I will learn the way of Doom modding and start off from there.

Q. Your current mod, Project X: Insurrection, features characters from the Twilight books and movies although you have mentioned that you aren't actually a fan of of Twilight, so why did you make the decision to use these in your mod?
A. I HATE TWILIGHT WITH A PASSION! Umm Sorry, I mean I go nuts when someone talks about Twilight and how it’s the supreme Vampire story ever. I thought “What if I kill Edward in front of all the Fangirls/Fanboys out there?”, so I made Project X: Insurrection for anti-Twilight fans. I gave a warning at the start of the game to all fans of Twilight to stay away. Some of them ignored that and started sending me hate mail. Oh well, in this World no one loves a sparkling Vampire!

Q. Do you make mods that you would like to play or do you try to make mods that you think others might like to play?
A. Both. I enjoy making mods for myself and also for other people. I want to give them ideas and if they don’t like it then I’ll try to do whatever they want me to add in. I make mods for myself to test out my coding and when I like it I put it out for other people to enjoy. My Storyline's are what I feel makes my mods shine for the most part.
Out of all the mods people really love the Spear of Dreams, Lost world, and Project: X story lines (Project: X is being more popular for Anime fans).

Q. You recently did a showcase of each of your mods on your YouTube channel. In them you mentioned that you are unhappy with a lot of your earlier mods, why is this?
I was a young kid when I starting making mods so I didn’t really know what I was doing at that time. I tend to forget my past modding and move on to my future modding. I was mainly unhappy that I rushed things too quickly.

Q. What advice can you give to others about mod making and also what advice can you give about receiving negative feedback about your mods and not letting it affect you?
My Advice for mod making would be - Don’t rush your project. In time you’ll become better at it or that you’ll have new ideas that you want to add. If you rush a project like I did, you’ll end up failing. Don’t take negative feedback to heart and be proud of your mods. Also be proud about your hobbies and in time you’ll be a great modder.

Q. What has been the most rewarding thing that's come from your mods?
That I figured out how to code well. And also, to be able to send out a very good story for mods and to send out cliff hangers so that other people can make their own story and expand on it (like I’m going to be doing for Project: X)

Q. You have your own YouTube channel that does walkthroughs of games. Why did you start to do these?
Ahh, LPing! (Let’s Play), Is when I play a game and comment on the game and why I like it while helping others if they get stuck. After watching other LPers like ClementJ642, PlayingwithmahWii, Balames87, Chuggaaconroy and others, I decided that I wanted to be in the same boat, I also thought that it might give me a chance to make my Wolf3d mods more Popular.

Q. What are some of your favorite Wolf 3d mods that you've played, other than your own?
A. I love the WSJ mods out there, End of Destiny, Orb of Dilaaria, Mac-enstein. I love mods with really advanced coding.

Q. Any words of wisdom you would like to leave us with?
A. In the great words of Doc. Brown from the 'Back to the Future' movies - "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish just about anything!"

Wolfenstein Mods Released
Mods Released as Kyo Kusanagi
Assault on Castle Wolfenstein (28/07/2004)
Assault on Germany Demo (02/08/2004)
Assault on Germany (07/08/2004)
Assault on Germany 2 (16/08/2004)
Operation recapture Spear (26/08/2004)
The Rise of Hitler Demo (29/08/2004)
Rise of Jason 2.0 (12/09/2004)
The Rise of Hitler (Spear Resurrection required) (13/09/2004)
Rise of Jason 3.0 (28/09/2004)
Resident Evil: Evil is back (03/10/2004)
Resident Evil: Cover Operations Demo (11/01/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 1 (13/01/2005)
Resident Evil: Cover Operations (21/01/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 1 - Special Edition (09/03/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 2 (05/07/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 3 (04/08/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 4 (29/08/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 5 (05/10/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 4 - High Res Version (12/11/2005)
The Spear of Dreams Part 3 - High Res Version (17/01/2006)
The Lost World Part 3: Heretic Cult (29/07/2006)
The Lost World Part 4: The Mage Guild (23/10/2006)
The Lost World Part 5: Tale of the Dark Brotherhood (22/12/2006)

Mods Released as Richter Belmont
The Lost World Part 6: Kate's Story Demo (19/04/2007)
The Lost World Part 6: Kate's Story (18/05/2007)
The Lost World Part 7: Soul of the Devil (17/10/2007)
The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox (18/08/2008)
Project X SDL Demo (25/07/2009)
Project X SDL (20/12/2009)
Project X: Anniversary Edition (10/12/2010)

Project X: Insurrection (2011)

Richter's YouTube Mod Showcases
Showcase #1 - Assault on Castle Wolfenstein & Assault on Germany
Showcase #2 - Assault on Germany 2 & Operation Recapture Spear
Showcase #3 - The Rise of Jason & Resident Evil
Showcase #4 - Resident Evil: Cover Operation & The Rise of Hitler
Showcase #5 - Spear of Dreams Parts 1-5
Showcase #6 - The Lost World Parts 1 & 2-7
Showcase #7 - Project X & Project X: Insurrection sneak peek

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