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Review: Spear Resurrection - 10th Anniversary Edition

Title: Spear Resurrection - 10th Anniversary Edition
AReyeP & MCS
Length: 23 Levels (4 secret)
Level Format: Continuous
Story: Original Spear Resurrection
Original Spear Resurrection
Original Spear Resurrection
Special Features: Increased health and ammo limits, 25 Ammo box, animated sprites, additional weapons, powerups, multiple ammo types, breakable columns, teleporters plus more!

Initial impressions:
There have been a few level packs released of the original Spear Resurrection over the years since AReyeP and MCS released the modders version but when the games creator remakes the new levels you know you are in for something special! This is an entirely new set of levels made by AReyeP to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Spear Resurrection being released.
The first level has been remade in a simpler, more straight forward manner and sets the theme of the new levels and their design early. Everything you remember from the original is there only bigger and better with an obviously (largely) increased sprite and actor count from the original that AReyeP has used to his full advantage.
Everything looks better, sounds better and to be honest IS better in this version. In the original, the first level was a little confusing and could be quite hard for novice players, the remake, although not without it's challenges, is a less confusing outside level and entrance to the castle.

Gameplay: With AReyeP's new levels this is as good as I've played in any mod in a very long time. Sounds like a big compliment? Well, the quality stands out for itself when you play the mod. No level in this is without it's surprises, challenges and unexpected enslaughts of guards and tricky scenarios. The player must always be wary of attacks, alternate ways to do things, secret areas, cleverly placed guards and the very well used sprites that often give you (and the numerous guards throughout) visual access to other areas.
The Boss areas are challenging, with more going on in their levels than just the 1 on 1 challenge against them, and the secret levels really are a quite challenging.
Right from the start of each level the player is forced to scope out their surroundings and be alert anbd prepared for whatever may lie ahead.

This is definitely one of the best mapped mods I've ever played and is even better then the original set of maps. The increased sprite and actor count makes for wonderous and beautiful maps that are nearly all of large design with many areas to explore and large secret areas that have given AReyeP (And Ack) the freedom to go all out on level design.
Most levels took me around the 30 minute mark to complete at 100% of everything meaning that this is a good 10+ hours to play through the mod, although I'm sure it can be done quicker (Chris?) if one is less intersted in triple-digit results.
The levels have some similarity in design but are all unique enough so as not to replicate ideas and designs, don't been fooled into thinking you know exactly what is coming next!

Likes: The new levels are an absolute standout, I just wanted the mod to be 100+ levels so I could just keep playing the mod!
The increased sprite count has been used to it's full capacity with every level and every area bursting with decoration and design. The extra sprites haven't just been placed because there's more available either, they have often been cleverly used as part of the design of the level and the path the player is to follow.
The secret areas have all been 'marked' in some way, be it a different coloured light, a red skull or a water puddle and this does seem to make things a bit easier, especially with the level sizes, rather than having to check every wall in each map, however some can still be easy to miss if you aren't completely observant.

The only real thing I can say is that I felt a bit lost and directionless in the second part of the final spear level, not quite sure what to do and with my bullets not seeming to do any damage to what I thought I was supposed to be killing. Continual running around and searching will help you find what you are looking for though.

Dean's Score: 10/10
Difficulty: A lot harder than original Spear of Destiny.
Best Level: 2
Worst Level: 22

An absolutely outstanding mod that has been improved on and makes for somthing that everyone will love playing and get multiple play throughs and hours of enjoyment from. AReyeP has pulled out all the tricks here and made a truly definitive version of an already great mod, this is a must play! Fingers crossed for a remake of End of Destiny next!

Where Can I get it?: You can download the mod HERE or by clicking on the screenshot at the top of this post.

The Original Spear Resurrection mod can be downloaded HERE.

Disclaimer: All reviews are only my opinion when playing the mod and are not intended to discredit anyone or the hard work they have put into creating their mod.

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