Sunday, August 05, 2018

Wolfers on YouTube

Here are some updates on what various Wolfers are playing through on YouTube:

JohnLobo87 is replaying Castle Totenkopf SDL Edition. He also reuploaded his Spear of Destiny Reloaded playthrough.
RussianStorm is still doing her playthrough of Wolfenstein: Machines of Death. She also played Operation: Kill BJ. Inbetween videos have been made for the demo of Down, the first couple of levels of Kurlandfront, Spear Resurrection 2011, Project Eisenritter and a video discussing Wolf3D and DooM.

kakhome1 (aka MrWolfForever) is doing playthroughs of The Virtue of Procrastination and Kurlandfront. He has also done vids for the DHW SDL Lost Episodes mapset, DHW SDL SoD Mapset and the DHW SDL Wolf3D Mapset.

Lingyan203 did playthroughs of both Spear of Destiny Reloaded & Wolfenstein Reloaded. I do wonder if Codetech & Megabyte (KFH Games) will ever release a Lost Episodes Reloaded!

TreeSapThief started a new playthrough for Spear: End of Destiny, the AReyeP & MCS classic.

If I forgot to mention a channel currently doing a playthrough of any Wolf3D mod, please let me know in the comments and I'll update the post.

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