Saturday, September 22, 2018

Spear of Destiny Extreme 1 - Eisenfaust Edition Released

A bit late to the party, but nevertheless a blog post to commemorate the release of Spear of Destiny Extreme - Eisenfaust Edition. This new edition of SoD Extreme features new challenges, surprises, gameplay tweaks, music, optional missions and a wide variety of new weapons. New features are introduced along the way, so every level is bound to have a couple of surprises for the players. On harder difficulties especially will this mod be a treat for all the die-hard Wolfenstein 3D fans in the world!

The ModDB for SoD Extreme 1 - Eisenfaust Edition can be found HERE.
You can download Spear of Destiny Extreme 1 - Eisenfaust Edition from HERE.
You can discuss the mod over at the DieHard Wolfers forum in this thread.

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  1. This is awesome!!! The Cleaver throwing mutants are so cooL!!!