Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The Golden Parrot & Project: X Insurrection Released

Today sees not one, but two mods released: The Golden Parrot and Project: X Insurrection. Let's start with the Golden Parrot. This pirate themed mod by fraggeur had a long development process, so it's great to see it has finally been released. New additions include graphics, weapons, enemies, bosses, music, sounds and coding additions like multiple floor/ceiling textures, a merchant system and a controllable parrot! You can download the mod right HERE, or discuss the mod in the DHW thread right HERE.

And next to that, we see the release of another long awaited mod: Project: X Insurrection by RichterBelmont12. This mod stars Rain, a vampire slayer whose mission it is to stop a new batch of Neo-Vampires. New features include floor/ceiling textures, clouds, new weapons, textures and much much more. Among those who helped RichterBelmont12 with this mod is WSJ, so you know there's gonna be some great stuff in this mod. You can download the mod HERE, or discuss the mod on DHW HERE.

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