Tuesday, October 31, 2006

3 Projects

Well I've been doing bits and pieces and I've kind of realised that I'm actually working on 3 mods at the same time. EFCH, 2 and another one that I will call 'Cathedral' for now, this wont be the final title, but it may not be too far off.

2 (I have it's name but not going to release it as yet), will be 24 levels in total.
Cathedral will be 21 levels total.
EFCH will be 31 levels in length, and will probably be the first one released with cathedral 2nd and 2 last.

Both 2 & Cathedral will have textured floors/ceilings, shading, directional sprites and a whole lot more.
Cathedral will have quite a few outide sections with the starry sky, but not to many of those huge annoying mazy outside levels, plus a whole lot more.
I will release more information as I get further along with each project.

I also want to put a special 'THANK-YOU' out to one particular Wolfer in the community for all their help. You know who you are.

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