Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's wednesday

Well It's Wednesday and I haven't done much Wolf related stuff at all. The new mod that I'm developing has been taking up all my spare time, well whatever ridiculously small amount of sparetime that I actually have. I have exams in about 4 weeks so it doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon.

New mod. Well, I'm trying to put textured floors and ceilings in and so far it looks kinda difficult. I'm hoping to have the night sky a few people have been using as well as inside textures on the same level, but it's proving quite difficult. I'm even having trouble getting the different floor textures working together, I plan to include shading also for added affect. I have mapped the first level because I came up with this really awesome idea for the opening level. If I can get the sky, ceiling and floor textures to work it will absolutely incredible. I'll do my best to get fixed, if not I might have to ask someone for some sort of assistance.

EFCH will be finished but is in stasis at this time. I will finish off the final level for the mappers mod on the weekend. I'll post a screenshot when it is completed.

Had a quick look at Kyo Kusanagi's new mod 'The Lost World Part 4'. It looks really good and seems like an interesting set to play. Although I feel the weapons are a touch too big the work that Kyo has put into this has made it clearly the most work he has done to date. Check it out at the dome. You'll see a link off to the side there ---->

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