Monday, October 16, 2006

Mod updates

Heres the update and status of the mods I am currently working on;

1. Mappers mod. This is looking in a bit of strife at the moment as Thomas has removed himself from the project and Lozer_42 has apparently left the community for a couple of months due to personal reasons. It looks like it may be up to WLHack, Tricob and myself to continue and release the mod. I hope it still gets released, there has been some good work done so far.

2. Escape from Castle Holle. Outside of freeing up some memory and increasing the number of sprites than can be used in each level from 400 to 500 not much else has been done on this. It currently stands as only needing 14 out of the 31 levels to made and a few other minor things like par times done to get this to a releasable stage.

3. New mod (Tentatively titled '2' for now) What I have developed for this mod will put aside and used again as a new mod at a later stage. It may even be used for the expanded version of 'Hitlerworld' that I've been planning to get around to at some stage.

4. New mod (Part 2) The new mod I am developing will be restarted. I have gathered some advice on techniques to make the code better and will be restarting this to help make things easier when I get further down the road in the development process. This has a huge amount more coding to be done than I've ever been done before, so some of it may take a while as I'm anticipating some mistakes that will have to be fixed along the way, which all takes time. I have the basic story line sketched out but I wont release that until the coding is completed and some other things in the mod start to come together.

As for what will be done and when, this is where things currently stand;
- Mappers mod & 2 will be developed simultaneously. When I feel like mapping I will work on the mappers mod, when I feel like coding I'll work on 2. As these are at different stages I can comfortably work on both of these at the same time without one distracting me from the other.
- EFCH (Escape from Castle Holle) will stay where it is and will be worked on more once all my parts for the mappers mod has been completed. As some people have left the mod I may make more levels to make up for others who are unable to which will also delay things a little further.
- The mod I have developed that I'm not going to use right now will be put aside and will definately been developed at a later stage. Some walls and sprites will be removed as I really want to use them in the mod they were originally intended for (2).

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