Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beta testing

Still beta testing Thomas' latest release 'All this and Wolf 3D' I'm up to level 51 and just realised that because the mod is 71 levels that i'm probably going to end up testing more levels for one mod than anyone has done before! Anyway, it's going reallt good, some minor things only but the mod is fantastic.

Progress on Cathedral will be delayed for a couple of weeks as I am filling in for my boss for a couple of weeks as he is away on holidays. This is a big step for me at work and will take up a lot of hours. I work on the largest team in IBM for Australia (About 50+ people) so leading it for a couple of weeks will give me a BIG chance to hopefully get a promotion in the future.

I've nearly finished the last level for 'The mappers exe' as well and will post a screenshot soon.

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