Sunday, January 14, 2007

Update Update Update

Sorry for not posting for a while but have been really busy at work filling in for my boss while he's away on annual leave. It's pretty hectic but by showing I can do this well sets me up really well for a promotion.

I have been testing ATAW3D for Thomas. I have completed 58 of 71 levels and working through to finish this off so Thomas can finally release it.

The directional sprites are fixed for 'Cathedral' and looking spectacular. I just have to finish off the ceiling/sky thing as I'm having trouble getting the inside/outside thing working on the same level and the different indoor textures on the same level as well.
I have created some more new wall textures, but I still have some more to do as well as some new sprites and then I should be able to get onto the mapping, of which I will have some assistance from another person in the community to make some maps for the mod.

Until next time.....

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