Saturday, February 17, 2007

Random update

Not much going on in the Wolf world for me at the moment. These are the only updates of anything that I have.

1. I started beta testing Thomas' new mode Castle Assault but he released it anyway.
2. Spear revisited final version was released, I've been playing through it, it's pretty cool, check it out.
3. I've been doing sprite work on Cathedral of late, some nice results so far, though having problems with a directional sprite, but I'll sort it out.

4. I am making an extra level for the Mappers exe. It's secret level and mostly done, should be finished off some time today hopefully.

5. I'm feeling guilty about EFCH. The project has been sitting pretty dormant for nearly 6 months now and all it needs is some maps made and some other minor things done. Once I finish my involvment in the mappers exe I think I'll finish the maps off and release the mod.
I have been working on it since November 2005.

I might change my mind again next week though, meh, who knows....

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