Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm baaaaaack

Hey everyone,
I know it's been areally long time since I last did a blog but I've been really busy transistioning to a new role at work as well as going overseas to Thailand for a few weeks.

I have completed the last (And my 8th) level for the Mappers Exe. Tricob hasn't been around for a while so I'll have to wait for him to rear his head again before I can send it off. I believe that the Mappers EXE isn't that far off being completed, I think that nearly all levels have been completed now.

Cathedral hasnt been touched in a couple of months now. I havent forgotten it, it will be worked again in the future, but the reason listed in the next paragragh is the main reason why.

Escape from castle Holle is nearly finished! I have been spending all of my 'Wolf' time on completing this. I have done more coding (95% completed), some minor graphics touch ups (100% now) as well as finishing off the remaining levels. I have done 2 previously half finished levels as well as a Boss level and a secret level in the last week. Everything has been flowing really smoothly on this.
I am hoping to finally have this released by the end of May at the very latest, it all depends on how much time work takes up as well as other usual things in my personal life.
I'm really jazzed that this is looking like being finished and I won't be stopping until I get this done. I think theres only a handful of levels left to do!

I will post some screen shots soon.

Until next time!

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