Wednesday, June 22, 2011

YouTube Video: Escape from Castle Holle

Balames87 recently did walkthrough of my mod 'Escape from Castle Holle' on his YouTube site;

Unfortunately, the mod repeatedly crashed on the hardest difficulty when he attempted to start playing Level 2. This never happened in the testing phase that I came across, nor had anyone reported to me any crashes of this kind in the 3 1/2 years that the mod had been released! After investigation, I discovered that the crash was caused by the max number of Level 4 guards being used on some levels. I fixed the issue and released an updated version of the Dos release on Sunday 19th June, 2011, which was published on the Wolfenstein 3d Dome.

The updated version can be downloaded from HERE. (All links on the site have also been updated)

Balames87 then, very kindly, did another playthrough starting from Level 2 and played through until the completion of level 4.

Balames did a decent job and had some nice words to say about the mod, which is always nice to hear about a piece of work that you spend a decent amount of time on for people to enjoy playing.

SDL Update
Progress has continued with work on the SDL version of EFCH. Some additional features have been added that were intended for the initial Dos release but didn't make it for various reasons. Moving to SDL has also given me the ability to add some more guards and sprites in maps where I was restricted by size previously.
There isn't going to be many game changing alterations but there will be improvements to functionality, aesthetics as well as some improvements, but not major changes, to gameplay.

The SDL release will not be rushed but should be released later this year at some stage, time depending.

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