Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Released: Operation: Mutant Strike 3

Majik Monkee has released the third, and final part, of his Operation: Mutant Strike series. This again follows the female character of Jill Hunter and her efforts working for the US Government to shut down the evil genetic mutations and experimentations that are going on at the Regenschrim Corporation.

O:MS 3 is 10 levels in length, like it's predecessors, has many new creatures and artwork and was mapped by Majik Monkee, Soldat 555, Thomas, RonWolf and Myself (Level 7). It's very mutant heavy, as the title would suggest, but is fast paced and delivers the usualy MM style to ensure a mod that will challenge and keep the player entertained.

You can download the mod (in SDL) HERE.
You can download the 1st installmet; Operation: Mutant Strike (in SDL) HERE.
You can download the 2nd installment; Operation: Mutant Strike 2 (in SDL) HERE.

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  1. I see this has the correct date now. :) Can't wait for the next post!