Sunday, January 27, 2013

Episodes 4 and 5 in super-speed!

Just posting to inform I've done the super-speedruns on easy for Episoes 4 and 5 and the video is up! You can view it here and I hope you enjoy. :)

All that's left is Episode 6 before I move on to Spear. It's not easy, especially the second half, and I'm probably going to end up with the speedrun on easy first. I've been doing some work getting prepared for the hard under par/from scratch challenge, and E6L6 has me stuck on finding a safe strategy for speed - so many enemies and so many different directions!

After Episode 6 I'll probably try to do the same challenges for Spear - now that's likely to be even worse, especially at double the length of a Wolfenstein episode!

Note that I'm quite busy with work and college and probably will be for a while so these videos may become less frequent at times. As I said, I do these time permitting and there's no fixed schedule.

And by the way thanks to Dean for adding me to the YouTube channels section on the right. Very appreciated. :)

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