Thursday, May 30, 2013

Released: Spear of Destiny Extreme

Today sees the latest release from Team Raycast, with a 21 level mapset of the original Spear of Destiny game titled 'SoD Extreme'. This a mainly original SoD mapset except that there has been the addition of an unlimited number of sprites and guards with also some other minor changes and bug fixes such as Map Names appearing on the 'Get Psyched' screen and the Boss levels have been changed to timed levels rather then a points reward.
The mapping was all done by RonWolf & Dean with coding by Andy_Nonymous.

You can download the mod by clicking HERE, in the Team Raycast mod list to the right of this post or by clicking on the title screen at the top of this post. 
There is also a thread at the DieHard Wolfers Forum where you an post any questions or feedback relating to the mod HERE.

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