Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Operation Eisenfaust: Origins Level 12

Level 12 is the biggest and most complicated level I made for this mod and the level where I found I could really stretch my mapping skills with all the amazing features we had to work with. There are a large amount of secret places, directional sprites and a whole lot more hidden throughout the level. I hadn't initially intended to make the map fill the full 64x64 grid but I got so excited with how the level was unfolding that I just wanted to keep working on it as much as I could. This level is probably the level with the most areas where you can get shot from without being aware that someone is there with fences and iron bars revealing other areas constantly. I like how open this makes the level feel while still giving it a confined yet labyrinthine look and feel.
Again in this level, I really like the mix up between indoor and outdoor areas which I feel really sets an atmospheric presence to the level. There was very little changes in this level between what it looked like as a SonderKommando level to as it appears in the final result. The mutant key (As it's called in Operation Eisenfaust: Origins) area was redesigned at a much later point I remember that but I can't recall at what actually stage, although it was prior to the planned Sonder release date.

This is a very difficult level to get 100% of everything on as there are so many secret and hidden little paths to take. There aren't that many actual secret walls though, with there only being 7 in the whole level. This is also one of the levels in the mod where a lot of people have had great difficulty finding all 3 level unlocking items. I can assure you there are 3 there and it is possible to get 100% of everything but you will need to be careful which way you push a couple of secret walls or you'll block yourself off from a couple of items.
Although it seems like there are a lot of guards in this level, there are actually only 168, which is only about 10% above the maximum for an original Wolf 3d map, they are just very well placed to surprise you and pick you off constantly which makes them seem like there are a lot more.

I'll try to include some other little things that you may not of seen each level I review also, so here's the original 'Disclaimer' screen from Sonder. This was the first screen you saw and appeared before the PG13 screen;

- The Actor and Static object limits for the mod were increased to 2048 and 4096 respectively!
- The Metal detector was originally intended to have a larger part in the mod, like the wire cutters, but the mappers found that they had trouble utilising it into their maps when mapping.
- The medkits were at one stage loaves of bread you could carry and use when needed.

You can download Operation Eisenfaust: Origins HERE.

You can watch Balames87 play through of Level 12 below;

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  1. Actually I'm at the beginning of this level.