Friday, October 17, 2014

Map of the Month 2014 Q2+3 and MotM Anthology released!

The latest package of the Map of the Month competition has been released. You can get it by clicking right HERE. You can vote on your 3 favorite maps, until 1 November, right HERE.

AlumiuN has also made an SDL version of all the 2007-2008 Map of the Month competitions into one SDL download. This has all levels from the 6 original competitions and includes a select screen so you can choose which package to play through! You can download the MotM Anthology HERE.


  1. Thought I'd just provide the update - five new levels are also now included that were never properly released before. Select the episode 'Unreleased' on the menu.

    Also for a little trivia, this bumps the total to 64 levels, which I believe is the second highest you'll see in any individual download. Only All this and Wolf3D is bigger with 70 levels.

  2. If memory serves right, The Orb of Dilaaria has 65 levels in all. You don't get to play all of them as you are forced to choose different paths along the journey, but the levels are in there nonetheless.

  3. Okay so this is third of all packages (you're correct with Orb) but it is second in terms of levels you can play in ONE playthrough.

    The latest 3 MMC compilations are not in this package because they're already in SDL, but if you included those you'd have 90 levels in all. This is the largest number of maps to be under any community project or project at all to share a common title (all have the main title of MMC).

  4. Yeah you're right so this has the 3rd most levels of a single download, but the 2nd most you can play in a single run of the game (since you by default make choices in Orb that decide what level out of a 'batch' you play, rather than going continuous). If I recall you can't actually exceed 35-40 levels in a single playthrough playing Orb continuously (and without any cheating of course).

    The entire MMC history has generated 90 levels, as there are 26 (split up into three sets) that aren't in the Anthology. This is more than any other single project in which all the installments are under a common name (MMC, in this case).

    Overall I think I'd probably rank MMC up there with the DHW SDL sets as the most essential community projects to play.