Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Released: The Lost Missions


On January 19th I released my latest mod: The Lost Missions - Trilogy. Three new missions for BJ to embark on. A mod in the vein of the more old-school mods from BJ Rowan, Gary Ragland and WSJ. I hope to expand this mod to include six episodes.

-Shootable objects: various objects, such as tables, vases, toilets and plants, are shootable in the game. Boxes are shootable as well, and can contain items
-Backstabbing is both silent and instantly kills an enemy
-New enemies
-Episode 2, which takes place in the desert, is the only episode where water can heal you (+2)
-You can take ammo from trucks containing ammo
-Enemies can't open up locked doors till you have the key
-More walls and sprites
-Directional sprites
-Animated sprites
-Rain, snow & night sky
-Different floor/ceiling colors

You can download it here, and its ModDb page can be found here. Enjoy!


  1. Yo Dean, this mod is so awesome.. Never experienced the 'walking into a Nazi dining room and blasting every little thing apart' feeling before haha. Those shootable objects are perfect.

    I've played the first 3 levels of the first episode and I'm hooked bro. Can't wait till you release the other 3 episodes! I'll recommend this mod to all other Wolfers I know!

    Keep up blogging!


    1. Actually, it's my mod (ronwolf1705). But thanks for the nice words! :)