Sunday, March 01, 2015

Give It a Shot: Witching Hour

Witching Hour is one of those mods that is bound to be a cult classic. The concept is simple: your car broke down at night in the middle of a dark, haunting forest. All you need to do is to fix your car. But that is, of course, not as simple as it sounds.

What I appreciate about this mod is that it is actually trying to do something different with the gameplay. It illustrates the versatility of the Wolf3D engine. Next to that, the graphics are fantastic and really create a tense mood (and it's not the only thing that creates tension!). I definitely recommend trying this mod out. It's challenging for sure, but it really tries to do something different within this engine, and that should always be encouraged.

It's ModDb page can be found HERE.
You can download it right HERE.


  1. Thanks for the nice article and the praise of the graphics! The article keeps the mystery a mystery too =p

  2. No problem, wouldn't want to spoil it as discovery is such a large part of the fun :D