Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Review: Operation: Mutant Strike 2

Title: Operation: Mutant Strike 2
Monkeeworks (
Majik Monkee)
Length: 10 Levels (No secrets)
Level Format: Continuous
Story: New
Graphics: Mostly Original, some new.
Sound: Some new, some original
Special Features:
Harmful Sprites, Additional enemies, Shading, map name on 'get psyched' screen, additional weapon.
Dos/SDL: Dos

Initial impressions:
Now this is more like it! From the tameness of O:MS 1 to the much increased difficulty and harder challenge of O:MS 2. This really steps is up with multiple mini bosses and plenty of SS replacement guards straight off the bat in level 1.
The walls and sprites are a lot more appealing than the mods predecessor and the map quality has clearly increased. The first level is quite a difficult challenge and players will need to proceed with care at all times.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is quite intense and very fast paced. The player doesn't have a huge amount of time to rest as mutants and other enemies seem to be constantly coming at you from multiple angles.
There are plenty of traps on each level that can easily see you over run with enemies and fighting for your life. While there is plenty of health and ammo it is very advisable to keep some in reserve (ie. Don't waste a 25 health kit if you are already on 94% health) as quite often you are required to back track to fill up on health and ammo.

Mapping: The mapping is greatly improved from O:MS1. Not that the mapping was bad in the first mod, it's just done in a much better, more open style in this. The maps are larger and more complex and there is a lot more diversity of scenarios in each level.
There are plenty of secret ares, which in most cases contain treasure, health and ammo, the latter of which makes the players efforts of completing a level much greater. It is advised to search these out when time permits.
Warning: Don't take these maps lightly after playing O:MS1 as you won't get very far if you do, they are at a completly different level of difficulty, which experienced Wolfers will find much more challenging.

The Wall set is better and more appealing, the maps are bigger and harder, the enemy list is more combative and the story is a lot more in depth and involved. All of these elements make for a highly entertaining and challenging mod.
While the 'wide-radius' damaging sprites are still used in this, they are used in much less frequency and the player is giving much greater opportunity to manoeuvre around the objects in question.

Dislikes: Due to the increase in difficulty, new or novice players to Wolf mods may struggle with the difficulty, and are advised to play on a lower difficulty setting as the hardest is extremely difficult.
I found the ammo volume on Level 10 to be too small. There just needed to be one more secret with a large cache of ammo for my liking, but it is possible to defeat everything with the ammo supplied, if you are careful.

Dean's Score: 8.0/10
Difficulty: Much harder then O:MS1 and very much harder than original Wolf.
Best Level: 4
Worst Level: None

This is a fantastic challenge and another really well put together mod from Majik Monkee. The professionalism is easily observed from the artwork all the way through the intermission screens and seen especially in the maps.
As mentioned above, this could be quite difficult to those unfamiliair with Monkee's mods but this will be especially enjoyable for experienced Wolfers who are looking for a challenge.

Outside of 'Beyond Mutantstein SE' this is easily the best 'mutant' based mod produced by the Wolfenstein 3d Community.

Where Can I get it?: You can download the mod HERE or by clicking on the screenshot at the top of this post.

This is week 3 of 4 of a special I'm doing by reviewing of Majik Monkee's Monkeeworks projects. Next week will feature a review of and 'Operation: Hundscheisse'. The Last 2 weeks featured reviews of 'Operation: Mutant Strike' and 'medEvil' which can be read HERE (O:MS) and HERE (medEvil).
I have also previously reviewed Monkeeworks mod 'Halls of Stonehenge', the review of which can be read HERE.

Disclaimer: All reviews are only my opinion when playing the mod and are not intended to discredit anyone or the hard work they have put into creating their mod.

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