Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thomas Weiling's new mod

Thomas has sent me his new mod that I did the coding for and I played through the levels last week. In my opinion they are the best levels that he's ever done and it shows just how good his map making skills have gotten. I've played all of his mods and really enjoyed them but this is his best yet, keep an eye out for it when it's released, not sure of the release date at this time. I think he's changed the title to 'Fatface returns' from what I knew it to be, no offence Thomas, but I thought that the old title was much better!

I have also been playing through JLB3's 'Sewertown'. Now I know that this mod was at least 3 years in the making and it shows, although some of the graphics are a little glitchy, like the red sky flashing thing, the whole rest of the game is of really top quality and I recommend everyone check it out. But be warned, it isn't an easy game!

I have now completed the second level for the joint 'mappers mod' that I'm involved in and in all honesty, I gotta say it's one of the best levels I've ever made. I'm sure the other guys involved are making great levels as well and if we are all making to the same quality then this should be a really great challenging mod for all to play with some really creative levels.

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