Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mappers mod Level 5

I have started Level 5 and I have decided to make this a very hard, very challenging level as I feel that my other levels aren't nasty enough to kill you multiple times! This is the boss level and I have come up with the most kick-ass idea, and the best bit?, the player has no choice but to keep having to come back to the hard bit time and time again! Players are gonna want to get to the Boss just to get away from the main hall section of this level, you will all see what I mean when you play the level! Look out! It's NOT impossible but it's one of those levels where just charging through with the Chain gun is gonna get your ass killed time and time again.

I have also decided to not release EFCH until it is fully completed, I will concentrate solely on it once I have finished mapping for the mappers exe to get it done and released before i start to get too deeply into another project. I have put way, way to much work into it to not give it the full value it deserves.

I have make an EXE for my next project with some really great coding and ideas in it. I'm not going to release any information about it at this time but I beleive that it's going to be something pretty damn awesome when it eventually comes out.

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