Friday, October 20, 2006


I have been coding for my new most this week and things are going quite slowly. I've restarted with a modified space saving exe that Chris Chokan made. I had always used a code that had the consecutive levels coding already done, so I had to learn to code that in as well. It's always good to learn something new but when your already trying to learn something else new it can all become a bit overwhelming. I have successfully done the coding for the consecutive levels as well as the changes for the secret levels and bosses and where they are accessed from etc.

I have tried the textured ceilings/floors coding once before and I couldn't get it to work. I was getting a few error messages. I managed to fix a few of the errors but a couple I just couldn't work out, so it was left that way in the abandoned code that I was peviously using. I will have another go tonight but to be honest I'm not all that confidant of just following the coding and it all working perfectly, nothing in my life goes that easy, I seem to have to be taught lessons at every step! But we'll see - keep your fingers crossed for me. I have this vision of my new mod that is kinda consuming to follow through on, So I'll give it my all to see it come to reality. Stay tuned it's gonna be a bumpy (But hopefully highly rewarding) ride!

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