Friday, May 25, 2007

Wolf news

Wow, I can't believe how many mods have been released lately and by quite a few new people as well, It's always good to see that the community is still alive and doing well.

Operation Wintersturm - WLHack has released a 3 level mod that he made in a week and it is pretty spectacular, in 6 months I couldn't make a mod with all the features that this has in it, his coding and graphic work is just increadible. Although this is only 3 levels long it has fantastic game-play and great story and each level brings something new.
My favorite is Level 2, with the exceptional train tracks, new graphics, timer and bombs, this is one of the best levels I have ever played in any mod. I can't recommend this highly enough.

WSJ - I was in complete excitement to see that one of my favorites modders has returned in some capacity to the community. For those that have never played any of Wolf's mods then you are missing out on some the most innovative and best game-play style mods ever released. Wouldn't it be exciting to see what Wolf could produce with all of the advances since he last modded?

Mappers EXE - All the levels have been completed. Tricob and WLHack are working on the final coding and then the mod should be released, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Escape from Castle Holle - Still moving along very quickly, well quicker than things normally go for me! All levels have been designed, there is still about 5 to be completed and tested but after that there is nothing else left to do.
I have now added intermission screens and spent an enormous amount of time updating all the levels that were made when this mod started 2 years ago. Some have had minor changes and some very major, all have been updated in some way as I have coded increased sprite and enemies into the mod since.
I have also made a couple of new walls that further enhance some of the levels that were already made which has lead to my changing the order of some of the levels....again.
I'm really happy how this has come out, I hope people don't just look at this as a 'simple' mod, this has litterally taken 100's and 100's of hours to get everything right.
- Every single sprite and enemy's placement has been scrutinised and replaced many times.
- Every level has been tested, played, changed, tested, played, changed many, many times in order to get everything exactly right.

Cathedral - Has not been worked on for a few months now, I have a long list of ideas to get to when I can concentrate fully on this.

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