Saturday, November 06, 2010

Currently playing: Revival of Memories SDL

I'm currently playing through Brian Lowe's recent 4SDL release of Revival of Memories.

This was previously released in a Dos version a couple of years ago, and while this new version is exactly the same it is playable in Windows 7 and Vista, like other SDL mods can be.

The levels are decent, and the mod sure has it's challenges. It has additional enemies, extra weapons, Switch controlled doors as well as a few other nice features. So far it's mainly been mapped in the original Wolf wall set, with, from what I've seen, some modifications to exisitng versions.
The metal walls have been changed to grey, although I do feel they clash a little with the doors as they are still in the original blue.

I've always enjoyed Brian's levels, although, to be honest, I've never found them to be overly complex, they do resemble closely the original set. In my opinion you can never deny someone who has the ability to map as good as the original set, like Brian has been able to!

The SDL set can be found HERE or by clicking on the title screen above. Brian also hosts the Wolfenstein 3d Dome which presents Wolf based news and carries links to all Wolfenstein Community mod releases. You can find a link HERE or in the links section on the right of this page.

I'll post a review once I've completed the mod. I have quite a few other reviews written from mods I've played over the years so I will start to post some of them as well soon.

For those that have a go at Brian's mod I hope you enjoy it as much as I currently am.

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