Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Mutant Blobs from Uranus

Title: Mutant Blobs from Uranus 3D
Length: 3 Levels
Level Format: Continuous
New Story: Yes
Graphics: All New
Sound: All New
Special Features: None

Dos/SDL: Dos

Initial impressions:
Clearly the brightest colours ever used in a Wolf 3d mod! This is a fun set with fantastic looking but simple graphics and artwork and is really fun to play. The new sounds and music really fit the theme well and the gameplay is entertaining. This has a bit of a Blake Wolf look too it.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fairly straight forward and not difficult. This can be a little hard on your eyes at spots but the fairly easy gameplay isn't a big thing and doesn't turn the player off playing through the mod.

Mapping: The mapping is fairly basic and straight forward. There aren't a lot of secret areas and there is really only 1 way to proceed forward through most areas. There is some clever use of sprite and wall placement, especially the message in the mirror on level 1.

The entertainment factor of this is the most likable ingredient. It looks great, sounds awesome and is fun that you can play repeatedly. The length of the mod works well and would have lost a lot of it's impact if it had been much longer. The artwork has been brilliantly done and the enemies look fantastic. The status bar and the players head, that becomes more covered in slime the less health you have, is a creative update to the original version.

There really isn't much to dislike here as everything works so well as it is. An additional guard would probably have helped mix things up a bit more but wouldn't be a necessity that would improve things dramatically.

Dean's Score: 7.5/10
Difficulty: Nothing more difficult than original Wolf guards
Best Level: 2
Worst Level: None

A really fun, mostly family friendly mod that can be played through in about 20 minutes that has definite replay value. A nice, fun break from Nazi's, mutants and dingy dungeons and Castles like in most other Wolf 3d mods. This contains nice bright colors that are appealing and helps make this a really fun adventure.

Where Can I get it?: You can download the mod HERE or by clicking on the screenshot at the top of this post.

Disclaimer: All reviews are only my opinion when playing the mod and are not intended to discredit anyone or the hard work they have put into creating their mod.

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