Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sokobanned Released

I've just released 'Sokobanned', a small 8-level puzzle game inspired by Sokoban (though quite different from it). Its features: BJ has no weapons, log files, barrels and oil drums are pushable (max. 3 times), pushwalls can be pushed infinitely but can't be pushed past dead guards.

You can download the mod right HERE.
Its ModDB page can be found HERE.
Its DHW thread can be found HERE.

PS, both Dean and I have been extremely busy, hence blog posts have been rather infrequent. We do hope to pick things back up again once things settle down.


  1. I'm commenting here just to let you know there still are people following this blog! Keep th egood work up!

    BTW, What's with BJ's mouth?

    1. Thanks for the support! :)

      This mod's engine is based on Bound, another mod I did. In it, BJ was tied up with no weapons to his disposal, and his mouth was taped shut. So that is tape on his mouth.