Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wolfers on Youtube

Here are some updates on what various Wolfers are playing through on Youtube:

JohnLobo87 is currently playing through the original Spear of Destiny using the ECWolf engine. Apart from that, John is also doing a playthrough of the 2016 version of Doom, showing off some of the classic maps that can be found within the game.

LightningBoltForever completed a playthrough of Castle Totenkopf SDL.

RussianStormxLobo88 is playing through SoD Extreme II. She is also playing through other mods on and off, such as Project Weltgericht and Nocturnal: iLOW3D.

MrWolfForever is currently playing through Passage to Hollenteufel.

Lingyan203 isn't playing through any Wolf3D mods at the moment, but it usually won't be long before there is a new playthrough.

Kikoskia is doing a playthrough of the original Wolfenstein 3D, if you're feeling nostalgic! :)

KumanoMTG just finished a 100% playthrough of Operation Serpent. His next full walkthrough will be Coffee Break Pt. 2. He also did a video on level 5 of SoD Extreme II.

GarrettChan did a 100% playthrough of levels 5 and 13 of Sod Extreme II. He also plays various other games on his channel.

If I forgot to mention a channel currently doing a playthrough, please let me know in the comments.


  1. KumanoMTG is doing Operation Serpent and Coffee Break, complete with voice commentary.

    1. I had mentioned it in the Operation Serpent review that Kumano was doing a walkthrough of it, but forgot to mention it here. Thanks for reminding me! :)