Monday, February 06, 2017

Wolfers on Youtube #4

Here are some updates on what various Wolfers are playing through on Youtube:

JohnLobo87 is still reuploading some of his classic playthroughs, such as Eisenfaust: Legacy. He is also continuing his 100% playthrough of Treasure Hunt by serpens, and he has done a blind playthrough of the first two floors of Atomprojekt.

RussianStormxLobo88 is playing through two mods concurrently: Thomas Weiling's mod Endlösung and Barry Christian's most recent release: Atomprojekt. She has also finished a playthrough of Operation: Hidden Secret.

MrWolfForever finished his playthrough of Passage to Hollenteufel.

KumanoMTG is still working on Green Arrow, but he hasn't uploaded a new video in quite some time.

SSGmaster is still working on a 100% playthrough of Project Totengraeber SDL by B.J. Rowan. He is currently at level 36.

TreeSapThief is doing a 100% playthrough of Green Arrow.

If I forgot to mention a channel currently doing a playthrough, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! :) Just as a clarification, Floor 32 wasn't in PTH until a week or so ago. So the playthrough had been finished since early October, but when a new ending level was added, I figured I'd get that added to the playthrough ASAP.

    Definitely of what you listed, the ones I'm most interested in is RSXL88's playthrough of Atomprojekt. She's only three levels in but I love it!