Friday, August 04, 2017

Wolfers on Youtube

Here are some updates on what various Wolfers are playing through on Youtube:

JohnLobo87 is reuploading some of his older videos, such as the demo of Stealth, Anticipation by ack (the mod, not to be confused with the perfume of the same name 😛), the DOS version of Deadly Sleep and Chemical Warfare. He has also done videos for some of his favorites from the latest release of the Map of the Month competition (such as Planetside by AlumiuN). It also looks like he has started a new 100% playthrough of Mac-enstein 3D First Encounter.

RussianStormxLobo88 is still playing through Atomprojekt. Next to that, she is also doing a full playthrough of the WSJ classic Project: Eisenritter. She has also started a new series: Reflections on Mods, in which she reviews the various mods she has played through on her channel.

TreeSapThief is doing a playthrough of one of the best mods ever released: Orb of Dilaaria. Next to that, he's also doing a playthrough of DOOM: Legions of Hell.

tankermottind did a video on levels 3-6 of his own mod Wolfenstein Missions

Lingyan203 did a complete playthrough of Tristania 3D.

If I forgot to mention a channel currently doing a playthrough, please let me know in the comments.

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