Saturday, April 28, 2018

Wolfers on Youtube

Here are some updates on what various Wolfers are playing through on Youtube:

JohnLobo87 has been reuploading his playthrough of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. He also did a playthrough of Mega Man 3 (Legacy Collection).
RussianStormxLobo88 is doing a playthrough of Wolfenstein: Machines of Death. She also played Operation: Kill BJ. Finally, she did a quick playthrough of the first couple of levels of SoD Extreme II: Eisenfaust Edition.

kakhome1 (aka MrWolfForever) is doing a playthrough of SoD Extreme II: Eisenfaust Edition. Three levels have been completed so far, and the intention is to release a video every two days. So far, looking good!

TreeSapThief finished a playthrough of one of the best mods ever released: Orb of Dilaaria.

If I forgot to mention a channel currently doing a playthrough of any Wolf3D mod, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Correction - video of SoD Extreme II: EE more likely to be every four days, with Map of the Month videos on other 'even' days. Next one for Extreme should be tomorrow (Sunday).

    Thanks regardless for the highlight! :)