Saturday, January 26, 2019

Released: Splitwolf for Retropie

Always wanted a co-op version of Wolfenstein 3D? The wait is finally over, as Splitwolf has been merged into Retropie (a popular retro-game emulator) as an installable package thanks to Lazd. Finally you can play co-op and multiplayer modes in Wolfenstein 3D on your own television! You can read more about the mod and how to install it on the Retropie in this DHW thread. There's also a 4-player playthrough of the mod by jpsplat, which you can watch HERE.

Multiplayer framework, new game modes: LinuxWolf
Gamepad support, configuration UI, and RetroPie implementation: lazd
Additional art: DoomJedi, Untrustable, Atina, PSTrooper, ArmanAhmadi
Title Screen: Atina
Title Screen Font: Tormentor667
SDL Port: Moritz "Ripper" Kroll (
Original Wolfenstein 3D: id Software (

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