Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have returned

Ok, I have now fully moved house, thank god! Most things are in their right place but most importantly I have my PC out of the box and set up again, I was starting to go into withdrawals!

I have done half of the secret level for the Mappers exe. I haven't made it all that different to a normal level at this stage so I'd better do something to make it a bit more special and rewarding for finding the secret level, hopefully this will be finished over the weekend sometime.

I'm really torn as to what I want to work on after this. I have EFCH to finish off but I have developed a pretty fantastic idea for a new mod, which I've been spending more and more time thinking about and looking into lately. EFCH has had so much hard work put into it that I just don't want to leave it to rot, nor do I just want to rush the levels to get the game out, nor do I want to forget or loose interest in the new mod idea that I have. Something is going to have to wait, I guess I can work on both at the same time but that never works out evenly and one ends up being neglected anyway. Well I'll think about it a bit further and see how I go.

I have reached Level 16 of 'The False Spear' and feel that I am getting towards the end. I have only found 2 secret levels to this stage though so if I don't find another one soon then I know I've missed one. Damn. Oh well, I will still give a full report once I have finished the Mod. Until then, keep wolfin'!

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