Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ok, I haven't posted for about a week as I've had some pretty major personal issues to deal with over the last week. I won't go into then here at this stage but they are ongoing and will affect production of my mods until they are resolved.

I have completed the secret level for the mappers mod that I am working on. I'm not really very happy with it and will probably dispose of it, I have a good secret level from EFCH that I'm tempted to use but I've been trying to make all the maps for this mod brand new from scratch, If time runs out, then I'll probably use it anyway.
I was very disappointed to see that Thomas has withdrawn himself from the mod. It was his instigation that got the mod going in the first place but he surprisingly got quite petulant about things that the majority voted on, which, in my opinon, improved the game. It's sad that it has come to this but it's caused me to lose a lot or morale about the mod we are making. Unfortunately it appears that his attitude towards this has affected others also.

I finished 'False spear' this week and as a whole the game was fantastic but unfortunately the ending was pretty week. Firstly the last couple of levels, especially level 17, weren't really up to the standard of the others. The last and main boss was just far too easy to kill, I killed him first time without taking much damage at all. I only found 2 secret levels, so I'm pretty sure that I missed at least 1 secret level and some other stuff. There was also a level with a switch in it that I could see that I just couldn't work out anyway how to get to, maybe that was a way to access another secret level, I'll play through the game again sometime so maybe I'll find it then. Overall the game was really fun to play. The graphics were magnificent, probably the best I've seen in any mod and the ceilings, skylights and ouside atmosphere's were pretty awesome. I'm really looking forward to what WLHack releases next.

I've now started playing End of Destiny again. I've played it through before and had forgotten just how many times the damn game kills you. So many times I turn a corner and am dead before I have any idea what's happened, it become's pretty annoying after a while. I'm also getting the same 'Out of memory' error message I was getting when playing 'False spear' at certain times when quicksaving. It just pisses me off and I end up stop playing the game.

I'm not sure how productive my Wolf output will be over the next couple of months as I get on top of the issues I have at home but will do my best to keep going. I've only got 1 more level to make for the mappers mod so that will definately be completed but EFCH and other projects I am developing will have to be pushed back to a 'whenever I get the chance' status.

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