Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mappers mod Level 3

Level 3 of the mappers mod has been completed and i'm happy to have it done. I thought I had completed it a few days ago but then decided to scrap it as I wasn't really happy with it. I then took a look at keeping the elements I did like in the level and then added in some new things and luckily the level fell together quite nicely. The colour of the ceiling in the screenhot is not staying, the final ceiling will be a couple of shades darker. The screenshot doesn't show a lot, but, that's kinda the point! Here it is!

Episode 3 Level 3

I just received the updated EXE from Tricob and in it were some of the levels that he has done for the project. I gotta say, although he maps in a really different style to what I do, his maps were of excellent quality. I have played almost every map that Thomas has released (And a couple that he hasn't!) and I know how good his maps are. I've played a bit of WLHack's 'False Spear' and really enjoyed the levels in that too. Everyone whose involved seems to be making really great levels, in my opinion.

This is looking like it is going to be a great mod with what I've seen so far, something I think the community will really enjoy playing. It should also help demonstrate just how good some of the mappers involved in this mod and the community are.

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