Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25 update

I haven't done much on Cathedral this week as I've had exams and been working heaps. I've worked 110 hours in the last fortnight, so I generally just feel way to tired when I get home to do any coding, although I have been trying to add another locked door with it's own door sides but haven't been too successful at this stage. I have put some animated sprites in though and they are working really well. I've got someone else working on the bosses at the moment so hopefully they should be done soon. I've still got a few things to put in such as the Starry Sky & Shading

I have been Beta testing Guns and Glory for Little Cherub. The game is mostly original walls but has some really cool featurs included. It's well worth a look when it comes out. Thomas has just sent me the updated version of All This And Wolf 3D to Beta test also, I've played the first level so far and it looks really excellent. I've played pretty much every level he's ever released and his levels are always as challenging and fun as any I've ever played.

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