Saturday, December 09, 2006

Latest update

I have been working on two mods at the same time, so here's an update of how they are progressing;

Cathedral - Most of the coding is done for this. Since the last update the starry sky tutorial and textured flats thing has been coded and is working correctly along with rain and snow. I'm just finishing off putting in the shading coding and that only pretty much leaves the directional sprites. The bosses are all coming along well as I have a friend making those and they should be finished soon. The rest of the new walls and sprites are progressing, slowly, but they are progressing. This is not going to be a rushed mod, but will be worth it once it's done. There are a number of other smaller features that have been implemented that I will keep as a surprise for when it's released, some things that are really quite cool!

Escape from Castle Holle - I have completed 2 more maps for this release. I haven't mapped for a while and I'm a little rusty but with a bit of diligence and a lot of play testing, the maps are coming out to the same high standard as the rest of the levels in the mod. After the mapping is done there is only some minor music changes and the par times stopping this from being release. I think it still needs 10 or 11 maps still done for it. It won't be released this year but it will be out sometime in the first few months of next year, Uni starts again in March so hopefully I'll have it done by then.

Beta teasting - I have been beta testing Thomas full 70 level version of 'All this and Wolf 3D'. I'm about 20 levels through so far and the game play has been absolutely fantastic. This is clearly Thomas' best work, the mix up of levels and styles really keeps you guessing. I can't recommend this highly enough for all to check out when it's released.

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