Friday, August 10, 2007

August update

Just a few things to update this month;

Escape from Castle Holle - Currently sitting at about 95% completed. I have 2 maps out of 31 to complete and then it will be right to be released which should hopefully be by the end of the month. This is currently in beta stage and testing is continuing with some great input so far. :)

Map of the month club - This has been a fantastic community event at DHW that has everyone buzzing. I contributed to the July release rather unexpectantly. It was about 9.30pm on the 31st August when out of the blue a map idea just hit me. I sat down and mapped the whole level in about 2 and a half hours. I've never made a level that quick in my life. It was a bit shorter than the ususal levels I map but I was pretty happy with it. I certainly don't think I'll win but I'm happy I was able to contribute. The quality of the maps has been really excellent and it's great to see some new maps from Ack, AReyeP, BrotherTank and others as well. I really look forward to seeing what people can come up with for August's maps.

BJ Rowan - I was in the greatest shock and excitement to come across a new website for one of my favorite Wolfers BJ Rowan. Brian hasn't been around the wolf scene much for a few years and hasn't released a mod since 2000. Brian is responsible for one of my favorite mods of all time - Project Totengraeber. This is the mod I've played through the most, the mapping is fantastic. To see that he was working on another mod was just awesome. I encourage everyone to download his latest work and have a play through it.
Desperate measures

Mappers EXE - Well, to be honest I'm not sure what is happening with this. Last I had heard it was being sent of to WLHack for some source code fixing and that was about 2 months ago. I know that all the maps are done and this should be right to be released somewhat soonish after the coding has been repaired. It's a shame to have it almost completed and just sitting there but we might just surprise you one day with it's release.

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