Monday, September 03, 2007

September update

Well things are looking pretty active Wolf wise at the moment which is always a good thing. There have been a number of significant things happen in the last month.

- Map of the month club
- Community mappack was finally released
- Lots of new mods to play
- Escape from Castle Holle
- Football (Australian Rules) finished for me for the year

1. The Map of the Month club ahs been a huge success and has generated an enourmous amount of interest within the community. The quality of the maps has been very high and really enjoyable and challenging to play although the maps appear to becoming a lot harder though as each month goes by where we really are getting into Master level type maps, I hope this doesn't scare off new players or people that aren't as practised in the ways of the Wolf like the mappers that have been contributing in this competition are.
Still theres lots of positives about this competition.
a.) 1 guarenteed new mod each month
b.) New maps from some of the best mappers in the community
c.) The chance to map with features and wall/sprite types that they haven't been able to map with before.

For me the opportunity to map with some of the SR and EOD walls was one that I simply couldn't pass up, I've admired the quality of them for so long that I was fasinated to see what I could do with them. I did make a map for the August release of MMC, it took me most of the month to get it finalised, probably nearly 20 hours I would estimate, problem was I had italmost completely mapped out in my head and it just took so long to get the playability right. I'm really happy with how this has come out and I think that the people who play it will enjoy it as well. Someone needs to knock AReyeP off his victory podium, why not me!?

2. The community mappack that I have been involved in with Thomas, Tricob and WLHack was finally released.
You can get it HERE (Updated to version 2: 08/10/2010)

I'm so glad that this has finally been released. It also includes a level by Brian Lowe (Schabbs) as well as RonWolf. They are both great mappers and along with everyone else has made for a really great release for people to play. I have 8 maps in the set and they are all based mostly on the original game. The best level IMO is E6L1 made by Thomas, one of the finest levels I've ever played of an original setting.

3. There was also some other mods released this month as well as some others that I'm really looking forward to.
- Andy_nonymous has released the 3rd in his MACenstein series and after playing through a couple of levels the quality is as good as the first 2 in the series.
- Max released a mod title 'Northern darkness' which looks like it has had some really great work put into it, the main problem for me with this was the first weapon which appears to be a bottle. I was unable to use this weapon for some reason and every enemy I came across killed me straight away without me damaging them. I gave up because of this after a while, if someone has worked out how to get this working or has some idea on a way to successfully play it please email or PM me at DHW as I'd love to take a closer look at this.
- I was lucky enough to Beta test Ian Summerfield's (Little Cherub) new mod and it is spectacular! It is titled 'Guns and Glory' and has some amazing graphics and enemies in it. the plan and the way he has used the 6 episodes in this is fantastic and something that a lot of people will be talking about once it is released. I STRONGLY recommend that you all try this out once it has been released.

4. Escape from Castle Holle - There hasn't been much work on this this month as the damn mapclub kept me pretty busy but I have still managed to polish a few things up on the game. the mod is in beta stage mostly and is being tested. I have 2 levels to finalise and then a couple of small things like Par times to do but as soon as the testing has been done the mod will be released. I have had some problems with getting the floor codes right and I want to send out a vewry big 'Thank you' to AReyeP for helping me out with some guidance and rules on getting the floorcodes right - your input and assistance has been invaluable!

Here's a new screenshot though!I have been collating a collection of things that were leftovers from all the maps I've made and I'm thinking about combining them into a collection tentatively titled 'Scenarios' at this stage. A lot of the levels are just one 'scenario' that has a trick or a challenge to it while some are nearly full levels. it wont take long to play through the whole thing but it isn't designed to be a flowing normal style mod, just a collection of, well, scenarios really.... more news on that later.

5. Football - Well the season has drawn to a close for those teams that haven't made the finals and sadly my team, Essendon Football Club, are one of those that didn't make it this year. Although they did win 10 games compared to last years 3 there was still a lot of disappointing preformances and inconsistant play. We will have a new coach next year as our coach of 27 years was passed over by the club. Also one of the best players in the clubs 130 year history retired as well, it's sure going to make things mighty different around the club and as the supporters of clubs that aren't successful always say 'there's always next year!'

Until next month, have fun and keep Wolfing! (And excuse all my spelling mistakes!)

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