Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's been a while

Hi, yes it's been a while. I've been given some space on a server for a website and I plan on getting around to getting it up and running soon. I have the full version of DreamWeaver, which I'm kaing the site with, but I just can't get the site I've created to post so a friend will (eventually) come and help me out with getting it up and running. Everything that is here will be transferred to there then and this will no longer operate.

Wolf news is scarce as it has been a fairly quiet year this year. SDL is obviously the big thing for the year and seems to have helped increased some interest in Wolf again. Nice to see some older Wolfers poke their heads in at time this year also. Nice to see both Barry and Zach visit Wolf again in some capacity.

I have a new idea for a mod that will be fairly ambitious and probably take quite a time to bring together. The SDL coding is going to be the main issue as a lot of changes are required and I'm very average at coding. Once it gets going officially I will make an announcement at DHW and supply details then.

Thanks for reading.

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