Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 2008 Update

Yeah, yeah, I missed February but I do have a good excuse! I was out of the country for nearly all of February and although I got back in the last couple of the days of the Month I had far too many things to concentrate on like getting back to work and stuff.

I stated in one of my previous posts that the Wolf Community seemed to have a lot going on at the moment but there has been a big change in this of late. The Community has really slowed down this year with almost no mods being released so far. Ripper has released a new Wolf engine that I understand nothing about but from when I can glean from the posts at DHW it sounds like a pretty amazing thing. There seems to also be a lot of mods in development, Venom Inc. have announced about 87 mods that they are developing which will cover almost every big movie franchise ever made! I've also heard mention of 'Final Fight 2' being in development as well, the first one scored a Dome award so I wish everyone involved with any of these projects good luck with them and I hope some of then do get made and released.

Wolfsource, the Wolfenstein 3D Wikipedia has been developing nicely and now contains a huge amount of information about some of the Wolfers in the Community as well as a lot of in-the-works mods and some information on some released mods. Unfortunately it seems that a lot of the older (In experience only) Wolfer's don't seem to have embraced the Wiki like a lot of newer Wolfer's have. I'm sure that these people have a huge amount of information in their knowledge from over the years, not to mention a lot of trivia and information about the mods that they have worked on and released as well. It would make the Wiki an even better place as an information base if some of these people could be encouraged to spend a little time adding some of their knowledge in.

Thomas has returned to the Community and he and I have already picked back up on some projects that we were working on before he left. You should see something being released very soon from us and hopefully a couple more things coming out over the year. I have also been working on something else fairly BIG but I can't say too much about that at this stage, stay tuned for an announcement regarding that sooner or later. Maybe as a special announcement wehn the following finally happens...

My website development has hit a major snag as I really have no idea how post a website! I have made one before and I still have some instructions on how I did that last time so I will start to develop it soon and then try again how to get it up and running. I've decided to do Mod reviews on the site as well. I've already written a few detail reviews about some mods complete with a rating system and some other insights about each mod. Some other things that will be on the website will be information on my releases plus details and updates on what I'm working on plus a News page that will take over from this blog when it eventually launches.

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