Thursday, June 30, 2011

News: Important Blog Changes

Hi Everyone, this special post is to announce some exciting changes to the blog!

You may have already noticed that the blog has had a slight name change and will now be known as 'The Wolfenstein 3d blog'. The reason for the change is that I have invited another Wolfer to contribute to blog. WolfForever will be joining the blog and will from tomorrow start blogger his reviews, analysis and all sorts of things also for everyone to read. I will continue to posts my blogs on Wednesday as I have been.

This is an exciting level of the growth, one we hope will bring even more information and discussion on Wolf 3d and give readers even more to read, play and discuss.

There may even be times when we both collaborate on a post, such as each giving our own review on a mod or even sharing the information we have found for some of the blogs special feature items that have been done here.

We hope you enjoy the changes and growth of the blog and as usual, if you have any suggestions of anything you would like to see or read on the blog then please either leave a comment below or you can leave a message for us at either The DieHard Wolfers forum or The Wolf 3d Haven Forum.

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