Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YouTube Video: Wolf 3d Community Map Pack

Balames87 has done a playthrough of my maps that I made for the Wolf 3d Community map pack a few years back. I did episode 3 that consisted of 6 levels, being 4 normal, 1 Boss and 1 secret. There were some very good mappers included in this set and some outstanding levels made. You can watch the playthrough below;

Balames did a great job and seemed to genuinely enjoy his time playing the mod. I also made a couple of other levels in the set that appear in other episodes. The full SDL version of the set can be downloaded HERE.

It's rewarding to see people vote to see my work highlighted but also to hear nice words from Balames as he plays through and enjoys my work. Thanks also to those that have left positive comments toward my work on the videos, it's for others enjoyment is the main reason why I make and release Wolf 3d levels.

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